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Meet Mountain View Crime Fighter Zeus

Mountain View police bust a nationwide drug ring and they did it with the help of a three year old lab named Zues



    One of the best crime fighters in the city of Mountain View has four legs and likes a yellow squeaky ball. Chase Cain introduces us to Zeus. (Published Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013)

    When it comes to sniffing out illegal drugs, no nose may be better than the nose of a dog named Zeus.

    Zeus has only been a member of Mountain View's police force for 18 months, but in that time he's compiled quite the resume helping get mounds of drugs off the streets.

    "He has his own badge and probably the most popular person inside the station," said Police Chief Scott Vermeer.

    While that may be tough for the police chief to admit, Zeus's ability really took the spotlight recently when the 3-year-old black Lab found 120 pounds of marijuana and $70,000 in cash inside an illegal grow house.

    “What the investigation found was people using the pretense of growing marijuana under Prop. 215 for medicinal uses but the investigation found that they were doing it entirely for profit," Vermeer said.

    Mountain View police made several arrests there in what they call a network of drug dealers coast-to-coast and say more arrests are likely still to come - and all with the help of Zeus. 

    “This case, though significant, is really just the tip of the iceberg in the sense that we know here in Santa Clara county people are growing and selling marijuana for profit and not as the law intended," Vermeer said.

    And Zeus does all of his police work for the simple rewards of little love from his partner and his favorite yellow ball.

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