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Meter Maid Attacked by Disgruntled Motorist



    Meter Maid Attacked by Disgruntled Motorist
    Scott Weber

    It's an all-too-common story. A disgruntled motorist, ashamed to have been caught flouting the rules, turns violent and attacks a parking control officer.

    That's what happened in the Mission last week, according to the Examiner, when a 27-year-old woman flipped out and tried to run over the officer who had just cited her.

    The accused woman, Amanda Rojas, is alleged to have been traveling at 30 mph when she hit the officer, causing head, neck, and back injuries. Rojas' lawyer called it an "accident."

    It's unclear why the woman had been cited, but fair to assume that the ticket is now unlikely to be dismissed.

    It's worth noting in the case that even parking control officers aren't completely blameless. When she was hit, the officer had parked her vehicle in the bike lane, blocking traffic.

    Though it may be frustrating to have to conform to rules, law enforcement officers are there to protect us from our own lousy driving habits. A more vigilant police force in San Jose might've saved the life of Sukhpreet Grewal, a popular recent graduate of Pioneer High who was attending classes at De Anza College.

    Grewal killed himself in a single-car crash this weekend, after traveling at what police describe as a "high rate of speed."