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Microsoft Opens Sunnyvale Campus

The company has been in Silicon Valley since 1981.



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    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer leased another 237,000 square feet in Sunnyvale this week.

    Further proof that Silicon Valley is the definitive spot to be if your firm even remotely touches tech? Microsoft just leased another 237,121 square feet in Sunnyvale.

    The company has had a presence in the Valley since 1981, according to a release, and has more than 2,500 employees in the Bay Area.

    "The opening of the Moffett Towers office represents our commitment to Microsoft Silicon Valley as a strategic location for the company in the heart of a rich technology ecosystem and talent pool," Lu said. "Microsoft has a long history in Silicon Valley, and we look forward to continuing our legacy on the forefront of technology in the area."

    The new offices are in the Moffett Towers and will house the Online Services Division, with other businesses being represented along the way.

    For some reason, the release includes some philanthropic numbers, as well.

    • $100 million donated worldwide by employees
    • $3.6 million donated to Silicon Valley community organizations
    • $17 million gifted to Silicon Valley nonprofits