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Microsoft to End Confusing 'Microsoft Points' Currency: Report

The software giant will instead reportedly switch to digital dollars.



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    Microsoft will reportedly end its 'Microsoft Points' currency and instead switch to what other companies use.

    Please, let this be true. For years, consumers have been annoyed at Microsoft's insistence on using "Microsoft Points" in place of actual dollars to buy their digital wares. A little rumor says Microsoft might finally change its habits by the end of this year.

    According to InsideMobileApps, Microsoft will phase out its Microsoft Points system for Xbox, Zune and Windows Phone and move to using digital dollars — much like Sony, Apple and Google.

    The problem with Microsoft's point system is that it's confusing and even within seemingly unified platforms like Xbox Live and Windows Phone, greatly fragmented:

    On Xbox Live, the prices for full games are listed in dollars, but downloadable content is purchased with Points. On Windows Phone, apps are priced in dollars, but users can make in-app purchases with Points. Windows Phone users can also use Microsoft Points to buy accessories for their Xbox Live avatars and purchase Points directly from their phones.

    It seems to be that Microsoft uses its Points for anything in-game/in-app and real dollars for buying the actual game/app. Why not use dollars for everything?

    The other issue is that keeping track of the points is confusing. Rather than have a simple system like 100 points equals $1, Microsoft made it so that 80 points is equal to a buck. Most of the time, after buying your digital goodies, you end up with leftover points.

    Contrast that to Nintendo who does use the 100 points equals $1 logic and Sony that doesn't use points, but just uses dollars for everything, and Microsoft Points seem to do nothing but confuse.

    Of course, Microsoft refused to comment on the matter as companies are wont to do when rumors arise. Microsoft's rumored to be announcing a new Xbox at E3 that might have DVR functions. Doing away with Microsoft Points would be a great fresh start for a new console.

    Via InsideMobileApps

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