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Microwaved Puppy Ready for a Forever Home

Video shows carefree Mighty Mouse romping, playing



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    Hopalong Animal Rescue

    The heartbreaking story of a puppy that nearly died after being put into a microwave oven in January is turning into more of a happy story of survival.

    Thanks to months of dedication and care from veterinarians and volunteers, the tough little pup is ready for a permanent home.

    Mighty Mouse, a Chihuahua/terrier mix was just four weeks old when a 4-year-old child put him in a microwave for 15 seconds, causing severe damage to the tiny dog's ears, paws, colon and anus.

    Specialized surgeons operated on Mighty Mouse to repair his delicate system, but he will need ongoing care for the rest of his life.

    The staff at the non-profit Hopalong & Second Chance Animal Rescue have been helping Mighty Mouse become strong and live up to the name they gave him.

    Hard work and the tenacity of the feisty, mixed breed pup made Mighty Mouse ready for his forever home. Check out the video clip below that shows the cute little bundle of energy romping around, fetching a ball and acting just like any puppy should.

    If you're interested in making Mighty Mouse your BFF, check out Hopalong's website and fill out an adoption application.