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Millions Spent to Clean Bay Area Air



    Wealthy car-owners and the Port of Oakland are set to take advantage of nearly $9 million in clean-air funding, with grants and rebates arranged this week for new technology that will reduce carbon emissions.

    According to the CC Times, the Port will get $5 million in renovations to its power system. Currently, ships burn diesel while they idle at the port. But the new funds will pay for electric infrastructure that will supply power to the ships. That power will be generated by sources that are very far away, so it will be easy to pretend that they do not cause pollution.

    A similar system was installed for cruise ships in San Francisco last year.

    Nearly $4 million will go to electric car companies, which will allow them to install nearly 3,000 charging stations in private residences. The wealthy beneficiaries of the equipment will get what's being called a "generous rebate."

    In addition, thirty charging station will be installed around the region.

    According to the manufacturers, a fifteen-minute charge will yield 200 miles of travel. Despite producing fewer carbon emissions, electric cars still require environmentally-damaging asphalt roads, and are plagued by comparable safety problems and fatality rates as regular gasoline-powered vehicles.