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Milpitas Dump Threatened With Class-Action Lawsuit

A landfill in Milpitas will be sued, lawyers say.



    Milpitas Dump Threatened With Class-Action Lawsuit

    Do you smell what I smell? It's the sweet smell of garbage -- and a courtroom.

    Attorneys in San Francisco and Detroit is sending messages to Milpitas: anyone who lives near the Newby Island Landfill and Resource Recovery Park may smell something bad, and the landfill itself subsequently faces a class-action lawsuit, according to the Milpitas Post.

    Evans Law Firm PSC of San Francisco and Detroit-based Macuga, Liddle & Dubin PC specialize in environmental suits and quality of life complaints, the newspaper reported. They planned to file the suit in court this week, according to reports.

    The firm mailed letters to Milpitas residents, informing them of the suit and enjoining them to sign on.

    Some Milpitas residents agree that the dump stinks, but others blasted the lawsuit as craven opportunism, from the kind of lawyers who would chase an ambulance.

    "I am beyond incensed and livid that a law firm based in San Francisco is sending out solicitations to the citizens of Milpitas ... in hopes of having people fall for their wanting to help them litigate real or imagined concerns about odors," Ed Blake, chair of Milpitas Recycling and Source Reduction Advisory Commission, told the newspaper.