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Mini Horses Settling Into New Digs



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    Riley's Place
    Ayana was adopted by the non-profit organization Riley's Place.

    Fifteen miniature horses that were rescued last month by the Peninsula Humane Society have all found homes, a representative of the shelter said.

    A San Gregorio couple overwhelmed by their growing herd of horses surrendered the mini horses to the Peninsula Humane Society on Sept. 22, avoiding legal repercussions for withholding necessary veterinary treatment for pets checks and de-worming medicine, Humane Society director Scott Delucchi said.

    After putting out the word about its newly-acquired animals, the humane society received interest from several parties, including two nonprofits that provide animal therapy. Three of the mini mares were pregnant, most all of them were under-socialized and they all needed hoof trimming.

    Riley's Place, a Bay Area nonprofit that helps children experiencing chronic or life-threatening illnesses or challenging family situations such as homelessness, adopted one, Delucchi said. The non-profit was founded in memory of Riley Church, who died from an inoperable brain tumor when she was just 14.

    Ayana, a slick, black mini, is right at home and meeting her new friends on the Woodside property, where goats, rabbits and other miniature horses make their home. She is named in honor of a little girl the Riley's Place group met during one of their trips to the Ronald McDonald House, the group's executive director, Wendy Mattes said. Ayana and the group's other mini horse, Kachina, were fast friends, running around and bucking it up in their exercise area.

    The other nonprofit was Los Altos-based Assisted Animal Happiness.

    Three of the horses went to a farm in Lodi, and three more went to  a farm in Galt, Calif. Local residents adopted several horses as well. Miniature horses weigh between 100 and 200 pounds, are 30 to 40  inches tall at the shoulder and can live to be 25 to 30 years old.

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