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Mirkarimi Quote Prompts Domestic Violence Billboard Campaign

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi's words will be used against domestic violence on a billboard.



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    Jodi Hernandez
    The sheriff's words will be used against him on a billboard.

    A quote from Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi referring to his ongoing domestic violence woes may end up in a very public place.

    A domestic violence victims' advocacy group is raising money to buy billboard advertising space near the Hall of Justice, according to Bay City News.

    La Casa de las Madres wants $4,000 to buy a billboard that will say, "Domestic violence is NEVER a private matter." That refers to Mirkarimi's initial statement that what went on between his wife, Eliana Lopez, and himself was a "private matter... a family matter."

    Mirkarimi is scheduled to go on trial Feb. 24 for three misdemeanor charges stemming from an alleged Jan. 1 argument with his wife, Lopez. Lopez allegedly suffered a bruise when Mirkarimi grabbed her during a fight.

    Mirkarimi and Lopez both deny allegations of any abuse. Mirkarimi has been barred by a court since Jan. 13 from seeing his wife and son.

    Katharine Berg, the group's associate director, told local media that the billboard would be in opposition to Mirkarimi's statement, and that the group is in support of all domestic violence victims.

    "We want to encourage people to pay attention," she said. "San Francisco needs to make a strong statement to victims and survivors that it's a safe place."