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Missing Boy's Foster Parents Missing



    Missing Boy's Foster Parents Missing
    5-year-old Hasanni Campbell was reported missing Aug. 10

    Organizers and volunteers helping to search for a missing East Bay boy are now having trouble finding his foster parents.

    Planning is under way for a rally to mark six months since Hasanni Campbell disappeared in Oakland but one of the lead organizers of the gathering says she has not had contact with the boy's foster parents, Louis Ross and Jennifer Campbell. They might have even moved out of the Bay Area.

    Hasanni was last seen Aug. 10, 2009. Ross said he left the boy alone in his car briefly behind a store in Oakland's Rockridge neighborhood and when he got back to the car, Hasanni was gone.

    Campbell and Ross split up after their daughter was born in November, search organizer Sherri-Lyn Miller said. She told the Oakland Tribune that she believes Campbell is still living in the Fremont house she shared with Ross and Hasanni. Ross has reportedly moved out of the area, possibly to Arizona, according to the Tribune.

    But the Fremont home is now vacant and for sale, according to people who live in the neighborhood. A neighbor told KTVU that she saw the couple packing up with their newborn baby girl two weeks ago and that someone was helping them clean up and move out.

    Campbell's mother doesn't even know where her daughter is now.

    Another neighbor said she saw police activity at the house and watched as cops seized the couple's car.

    There has been a lot of speculation about whether Ross and Campbell had anything to do with Hasanni's disappearance. They were even arrested on suspicion of killing the youngster two weeks after he vanished, even though a body has not been found and no evidence of his wherebouts have surfaced. The investigation continues.

    The rally is planned for Feb. 10 outside the Oakland Police Department. Organizers say they won't forget about Hasanni.