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Missing Child Advocate Finds Pooch



    Missing Child Advocate Finds Pooch

    A woman who has spent countless hours looking for a missing child she has never met found herself in need of help this week.  And after three days of searching, she got it.

    Sherri-Lynn Miller is a t-shirt designer by trade, but has become the top spokesperson for the dwindling group of people who are searching for 5-year-old Hassani Campbell, who has been missing for six months.

    Miller's dog Snow, a six and a half pound bichon, disappeared Wednesday after getting out through a door that was accidentally left open.

    A frantic Miller spent the second half of this week posting fliers with pictures of her doggie.

    Someone finally contacted Miller late Friday or early Saturday and returned the dog.  The girl said she recognized the dog from an earlier Web article.

    Snow, a new mom, is now back where she belongs with Miller and with her litter of puppies. 

    This story happily has a happy ending.


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