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Missing Child Advocate on New Quest



    Missing Child Advocate on New Quest

    A woman who has spent countless hours looking for a missing child she has never met finds herself in need of help tonight.

    Sherri-Lynn Miller is a t-shirt designer by trade, but has become the top spokesperson for the dwindling group of people who are searching for 5-year-old Hassani Campbell.

    Miller's dog Snow disappeared Wednesday and she is pretty sure someone has her.  She is a six and a half pound bichon and she just had a litter of puppies on January 3.

    Update: Miller's dog was returned.  Read all about it  here.

    So now, instead of posting fliers for a missing child, Miller has spent the past 24 hours posting fliers hoping someone will find her dog.   She says among the people calling to offer help and support is one of the investigators working on the Hassani case.

    Snow was last seen at the t-shirt shop in San Leandro and must have made it outside after a door was accidentally left ajar.

    Miller says a security camera caught Snow outside. It looks like someone off camera called to the dog and she went running.

    That happened Wednesday afternoon.

    By Thursday afternoon Miller said, "Still no sign of my baby. I need all your prayers. I don't know what to do."

    Because Snow is a new mom and is still taking care of her pups. Miller says she hopes whoever has her cares enough to take her to a vet.

    Miller doesn't have children of her own, but she is the one person who can always be counted on to keep people searching, keep people hoping and keep people thinking about a little boy who spent his short life here in the Bay Area.

    It seems like the least we can do is take a look at the photo and keep an eye out for Snow, especially if you live in San Leandro.