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Missing Child's Mom Comes to Garrido Home

Mother totally support Hayward police efforts



    Missing Child's Mom Comes to Garrido Home
    NBC Bay Area
    Sharon Murch says her intuition tells her Garrido might have something to do with her daughter Michaela's disappearance.

    Police investigating two Bay Area child abductions from the 1980s set up camp outside the Antioch home of the couple charged with kidnapping Jaycee Dugard.  They say they will stay there until they have thoroughly searched the property for any evidence that may be connected to their cold cases. 

    Both the Hayward and the Dublin police departments came with search warrants in hand to the Garrido home Tuesday morning.

    They are looking for evidence in the disappearances of Michaela Garecht in 1988 and Ilene Misheloff in 1989.

    Investigators vowed to tear down the entire house if they felt it was needed. 

    RAW Video: Garrido Property Searched Again

    [BAY] RAW Video: Garrido Property Searched Again
    Hayward and Dublin investigators talk about the possibility that the Garridos have connections to the high-profile kidnappings of Michaela Garecht and Ilene Misheloff.
    (Published Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2009)

    Day one of the search did not find anything of significance according to investigators.  They said they did find a few things of interest that will be taken back to each city for further evaluation.

    Michaela's mom came to the house Tuesday and spoke to reporters.  

    Sharon Murch said she came to support the Hayward police department's effort.  She said the department has never given up on looking for her daughter.

    "I'm so happy with the way they have been handling the connection with Jaycee Dugard," Murch said.

    She said if Jaycee can come home alive and well after 18 years, her daughter can also come home alive and well.

    Murch also made a direct appeal to her daughter.  "Michaela if you are out there, I want you to know we love you and miss you and there is nothing you could have done over the 20 years to change that."

    She said she made the connection immediately after hearing about the Dugard case.  She said she noticed the similarities between the appearance of the two girls.  She said her first thought when she heard Jaycee had been found was "Please God let Michaela be with her."

    The car and the method of kidnapping are the two other things that have Murch convinced that Garrido could be connected to her daughter's disappearance.

    Murch said her intuition says that Garrido will help lead her to solve the mystery of her daughter's disappearance.

    Murch says she has never stopped looking for her daughter and she never will.  She has a Website, a blog, a MySpace page and even a post office box set up in hopes of somehow helping her daughter find her.

    Michaela disappeared on a Saturday morning after making a trip to a nearby grocery store for some treats.

    Murch nearly begged anyone who knows anything about her daughter disappearance to come forward and say what they know.

    Murch said she would not enter the Garrido home because she doesn't want to interfere with the police investigation. She said she will simply look at it as she drives by on her way home Tuesday night.