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Missing Dog Reunited With Palo Alto Family After 4 Years



    Missing Dog Reuited With Palo Alto Family After 4 Years

    "Oreo," a Boston terrier who had been missing for four years, returned to his Palo Alto family, the Guglielmelli's, after four years. George Kiriyama reports. (Published Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013)

    His name is Oreo. The Boston terrier was given that name because he looks like a walking Oreo cookie dog. For 4 1/2 years, the Guglielmelli family of Palo Alto didn't know where Oreo could be. Then on Tuesday, a miracle happened.

    "I had tears in my eyes. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it after all this time he came home," Tammy Guglielmelli said as she hugged Oreo.

    Oreo disappeared in the summer of 2008. He likely escaped through an open backyard gate. The family believe someone saw Oreo and took care of him.

    "Every time I saw a Boston terrier, I always kinda looked and wondered...just always kept hope," Guglielmelli said.
    Doctors at Alta View Animal Hospital in Mountain View believe Oreo may have been hit by a car two months ago. X-rays show the injuries.

    "There's a fracture in the hip area. And also the kneecap is out of place," Dr. Paul Ghumann said as he pointed to X-rays.

    The family believes Oreo may have run away again, got hit by a car and somehow survived on his own for two months. Oreo was found wandering around a Daly City storage facility. Because of a microchip, Oreo is back in the arms of his real family again.

    "The dog's healthy. The doctor's going to make him well. He's back in the family. And that's good," Larry Guglielmelli said. 

    Oreo actually belonged to Larry's wife Annabelle Guglielmelli who passed away last April. What a moment this would have for her.

    "I just wish the wife could have been here," Guglielmelli said. "She would have...it would have been a day for her. She never gave up. She always thought she would find him."

    Oreo will have surgery later today to fix his fractured right back leg.