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Mission Won't Let Occupy SF Occupy Its Hood

Residents experess concern about proposed move on encampment.



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    Occupy SF protesters have created a "tent city" in Herman Plaza, in downtown San Francisco.

    Mayor Ed Lee may have to find a corner of San Francisco for Occupy SF where nobody ever goes to.

    A proposed plan to move the Occupy encampment from Justin Herman Plaza to a vacant school in the City's Mission District has been met with NIMBY outrage.

    Not a surprise in a city known for protesting protests and when plans to move Occupy encampments in other cities has been met with similar resistance.

    Look no further than Snow Park and the lot of foreclosed homes in Oakland.

    Lee had floated the idea of moving the camp as a compromise to allow the protesters their space to exercise their First Amendment rights but at the same time get life back to normal in San Francisco's Financial District.

    "Folks are worried. They aren't sure what it will mean in terms of cleanliness and safety, San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim, who represents the neighborhood, told The San Francisco Chronicle's Matier and Ross, who first reported the story.

    "It's a vacant site, so filling it would be good, and it would mean more eyes on the street. But I think that if it does happen, we need to have some community meetings first."

    Neighborhood residents are already voicing their displeasure about any move to the Mission.

    Lee's office told the reporters that talk of any community meetings would be premature because the Occupy encampment has yet to accept an offer to move. So far all overtures of a compromise have been rejected.

    Lee said just last week that he has no plans to shut down the downtown camp -- just yet.