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Moldy Juice: Company Responses to Capri Sun Complaints



    Moldy Juice: See It

    Consumer website ConsumerBell says its received 7 complaints about moldy juice in Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania involving 6 Capri Sun juice drinks and one involving a Little Hug Drink. (Published Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2011)

    In response to our story about the complaints of mold found in Kraft Capri Sun juices, the juicemaker provided the following statement to NBC Bay Area News:

    "We appreciate the opportunity to provide a statement. Many of us are parents ourselves, and we work hard to make quality products for our families and yours. On the subject of mold, it’s first important to recognize that mold spores are literally everywhere.  That’s why most foods, especially those without preservatives, eventually spoil and get moldy. 

    Our Capri Sun drinks are preservative free, which is important to many of our consumers.  Since there are no preservatives in our drinks, it is possible for mold to grow in the case of a leaking or punctured pouch.  Our goal is to limit exposure to mold and we have made adjustments through the years to minimize the incidence of leaks.  However, there’s no way to guarantee a pouch is never cut or punctured.  That’s why we provide a statement on the carton, recommending consumers discard any leaky pouches.

    This is not a common occurrence, but we take every consumer contact seriously.  We are continuously listening to our consumers and looking for ways to make our systems better to create the great-tasting foods people expect and can feel good about."

    Statement provided by: Basil T. Maglaris, Associate Director, Corporate Affairs Kraft Foods Inc.

    The American Beverage Corporation, make of Little Hug juices sent us this statement:

    We have not yet received a sample of the product in question from the consumer.  Once the sample arrives, we will follow our quality procedures and have the sample tested immediately. In the meantime, we will continue to investigate this matter.

    Statement provided by: Jack Cornelius Director of R&D

    To read more about other complaints involving Capri Sun and Little Hug juices, click here to get to ConsumerBell's main story.