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Mom Attacks School Principal Over Dress Code



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    All Pami Gibbs's son wanted to do was wear a t-shirt with skulls on it to school.

    But that didn't jive with the 9-year old third-grader's principal, who told Gibbs that she'd need to change her son's attire.

    That, in turn, didn't sit well with Gibbs, who answered Principal Evangelina Ramos's request with fists -- and who now faces two felony charges, according to reports.

    The Stockton Record had the scoop of what transpired Monday at Fillmore Elementary in Stockton. Gibbs, 29, was seen speaking with Ramos outside the school over her son's attire, when suddenly she started punching Ramos in the face, according to witnesses.

    Gibbs, who is white, also allegedly used a racial epithet as well as brute force in her response to Ramos, who is Latina.

    Police arrested Gibbs at her home about two hours after the assault. She faces two felonies, and she's also been charged with a hate crime.

    Her son, apparently unaware his mom was in jail, attended school without incident.