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Mom Thwarts Mustang Theft, Kidnapping

A mother's sense leads to an arrest, and a safely recovered car. And son.



    Mom Thwarts Mustang Theft, Kidnapping

    A quick-witted mother saved her son's skin -- and his Ford Mustang.

    The Mustang's owner, 26, is trying to sell the car on Craigslist, and agreed to meet a man interested in the car at the Daly City BART station, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    The man, Jeremy Jenkins, 20, took the car out for a test drive. But after, he pulled out a "fake but convincing handgun" and demanded the car, according to San Mateo County prosecutors.

    Jenkins handcuffed the hapless owner, put a pillowcase over his head, and put him in the backseat, according to the newspaper.

    He then demanded the car's pink slip -- that'd be the title of ownership -- and had the victim call his mother to bring it over.

    The victim's mother sensed something was wrong and called police, who arrived on scene and arrested Jenkins at gunpoint, the newspaper reported.

    This is going to be some Mother's Day for her.