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Montana to Present Hotel Deal to Santa Clara



    Montana to Present Hotel Deal to Santa Clara
    Jed York and Joe Montana share a moment at team headquarters. The Hall of Fame quarterback will present a hotel deal to the Santa Clara City Council Tuesday evening.

    Joe Montana is coming off the injured list for a prime time performance in Santa Clara Tuesday.

    The former 49ers' great is expected to present a proposal to lease two plots of city-owned land to build a luxury hotel near the site of a proposed stadium for his former football team.

    The proposal calls for a luxury hotel to be built along side a sports bar and an upscale restaurant spread across seven acres of land.

    Montana was suppose to pitch the project last month but a minor accident forced him to cancel the appearance.

    In that time, not only has Montana recovered from his injuries but Santa Clara's city manager has recommended that the city deny the Hall of Fame quarterback's request to lease the land.

    The city manager wants the land to go to a public bid rather than committing to the Montana-led group. If approved, the project would be the second recent step towards developing infrastructure around the proposed stadium.

    Last week, the team celebrated a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new parking structure in Santa Clara expected to house cars during games.