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More American Students Attending College in China

Going to school in China means critical skills -- and it's cheaper, too.



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    US students going for gold in life are attending college in China.

    More Americans than ever before are attending college in foreign countries -- and more and more are going to China.

    Alamo resident Melissa Kidson will begin her freshman year of college at Peking University, where all classes are conducted in Mandarin, according to the Contra Costa Times. She's spent the past year in an immersion program -- and she's also part of a trend, the newspaper reported.

    The number of American students in overseas universities "tripled" in the past two decades, according to reports. China is the "fifth-most popular" destination for students, with 5.1 percent of the 270,604 Americans in foreign colleges in China, the newspaper reported.

    Only 3.9 percent of American students studying abroad stay for a year or longer, the newspaper reported. But those who do are aware of a need to attain more skills, including a foreign language, the newspaper reported.

    Plus, it's cheaper: tuition at Peking University is a paltry $3,900 a year, the newspaper reported, a fraction of the cost to attend a UC.