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More Cases Dropped Amid Misconduct Probe



    More Cases Dropped Amid Misconduct Probe
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    Gascon said a total of 119 cases involving alleged misconduct by San Francisco police will have been dismissed by the close of business Friday.

    More than two dozen cases involving San Francisco police  performing drug busts were being dismissed Friday after another video  recently surfaced showing alleged misconduct among the officers, according to  District Attorney George Gascon.

    The footage is the latest in a string of videos released by Public  Defender Jeff Adachi since March that he claims show misconduct by officers  during drug busts at residential hotels around the city.

    Gascon said that at 2 p.m. he will dismiss 26 cases involving  plainclothes officers from the Police Department's Mission Station performing  drug busts in 2010 and earlier this year.

    One of the cases dismissed took place in April last year, when  police were checking the home of a boy on probation and allegedly stole  property, Gascon said.

    The boy's parents, Javier and Mariette Tenorio, saw the wave of  cases being dismissed and then approached Adachi, telling him that property  had been stolen, according to Gascon and Tamara Barak Aparton, a spokeswoman  for the public defender.

    "If we have officers that are in fact stealing property, that  obviously questions the credibility of everything else that they do," Gascon  said.

    A total of 119 cases involving alleged misconduct by San Francisco  police will have been dismissed as of this afternoon, according to the  district attorney.

    "The officers in these videos have the same rights as any other  citizen," the Police Department said in a statement.

    "If it is determined through the investigation that any officer is  proven to be dishonest, in any way, they will be disciplined," the statement  said. "This discipline will be swift and severe up to and including  termination."

    Adachi will hold a news conference at 1:15 p.m. about the most  recently released video, which Gascon said he received on Thursday.