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Food Delivery Spikes on New Year's Day



    Food Delivery Spikes on New Year's Day

    Eating someone else's cooking on your very own couch has particularly high interest on January 1. Go figure, right? Hmm, perhaps someone stayed out a tad late the night before?

    Restaurant owners see a 70 percent hike in delivery orders on New Year's Day compared to their average day, according to

    In fairness, though, the spike is not all greasy hangover food or slices. Healthier fare is brought in the door, too. As a matter of fact, it ranks first as a 'cuisine' for that day. Guess those resolutions to eat healthier have a shelf life of at least, oh, a day or so.

    Grubhub's service organizes restaurant delivery information and lets users order for free. (Enablers.)

    Here's what San Francisco ordered on Jan. 1, 2010:

    1) Healthy

    2) Pizza

    3) Chinese

    4) American

    5) Indian

    The site has a mobile app, too, in case you don't wake, um, wake up on your very own couch.