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Morgan Hill Mother Considered "Lucky" After Suffering Brain Aneurysm



    A Morgan Hill mother is being called lucky even as she fights for her life. She suffered a brain aneurysm nearly two weeks ago and the series of events that led up to it may have saved her life. Ian Cull reports. (Published Wednesday, July 16, 2014)

    A Morgan Hill mother is being called lucky even as she fights to survive. She suffered a brain aneurysm almost two weeks ago, and the series of events that led up to it may have saved her life.

    "We kind of feel like this is a story of miracles, and the miracles started that night,” Heidi Crouch’s mother Joan Firestone said.

    On July 3rd, John and Heidi Crouch were hosting a get together with their neighbors in Morgan Hill. Heidi wasn’t feeling well, and went to bed early. Later that night, a car collision happened on their street. John Crouch, a Sunnyvale DPS firefighter ran out to help. Heidi was awake by then, and wanted to assist.

    "She came out from the house with John's medical bag to see if he needed that,” Heidi’s mom Joan added.

    He would eventually need it. Paramedics arrived shortly after. When everyone was in position to handle a medical emergency, Heidi walked up her driveway and collapsed.

    “Thankfully standing between two people so she didn’t hit the pavement,” Warren said.

    Heidi had a brain aneurysm. The 33-year-old mother of two was then flown to Stanford Medical Center for surgery. Her parents Clark and Joan Firestone flew in from Oregon.

    "There were moments, I think, when both of us thought this was going to be it. That we were probably coming down here to see her for the last time,” Joan Firestone said.

    Doctors told Heidi’s family the sequence of events likely saved her life. The odds of a brain aneurysm patient making it to the hospital and through surgery are slim.

    In the past two weeks Heidi has had multiple surgeries, procedures, and tests. Each new update was followed closely by more than 1,600 people who’ve liked her Facebook page. Eight days after being admitted, Heidi woke up.

    "It was never expected for her to come out of a coma for well over two weeks,” Clark Firestone said.

    Heidi’s friend Krystle Warren set up an account for the family’s medical bills.

    "We launched the page, I think around seven o'clock that night...before I went to bed, there was already $12,000 in the account,” Warren said.

    Tonight, that number is approaching $100,000. Heidi’s family is also thankful for the gift of prayers.

    "Every little step that we have taken in this direction, and every positive step we believe is solely because of the prayers that have come in for her,” Warren said.

    Heidi’s road to recovery will be a long one. After hearing her story, you might not think Heidi Crouch is lucky. Her family and friends believe what happened that night, happened for a reason.

    "We are moving forward with an amazing amount of hope,” Joan Firestone said. “We really are. That this is going to be a miraculous outcome for our daughter."

    There is no solid prognosis for Heidi Crouch. Doctors say aneurysm patients respond and progress very differently.

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