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Mother of Beaten Giants Fan Doesn't Blame LA

Ann Stow, mother of beaten Giants fan Bryan Stow, thanked Los Angeles before Stow was moved from LA to a San Francisco hospital.



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    Though San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow has been in a coma for seven weeks since suffering a brutal beating at the hands of Los Angeles Dodger fans on Opening Day of baseball season in Los Angeles, the last people his family are holding accountable are Dodger fans -- or LA.

    "This is truly the 'city of angels,' " said a tearful Ann Stow, Bryan's mother, at a news conference in LA on Sunday, shortly before Bryan Stow was moved to San Francisco General Hospital, where he is undergoing treatment today. "On behalf of our family, we would like to say thank you to the community that has embraced Bryan and supported him.''

    Supports from Southern California and beyond sent a steady stream of cards and flowers to Stow's hospital room, and while his family was at his bedside in an LA-area hospital, local residents brought home-cooked meals and other signs of support.

    Stow, a 42-year old father of two and Santa Clara paramedic, suffered brain damage after he was attacked in the Dodger Stadium parking lot March 31. The suspects, two men and a woman, were wearing Dodger gear. Police have released suspect descriptions but have made no arrests.

    Doctors have taken Stow out of amedically-induced coma, but medically-speaking, Stow has a long road ahead of him. He recently opened and closed his eyes and moved his arms but those movements could have been involuntary, the Associated Press reported.

    The Stow family do not harbor any ill-will towards Dodger fans or Los Angeles, Ann Stow reiterated.

    "We've never held Dodger fans accountable for it," she said. "We never held the citizens of L.A. It was not their fault. We never had that. So we're leaving with everybody imprinted on our hearts."