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Motion-Sensing Computers In Hewlett-Packard's Future

Motion-control computing is HP's next move.



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    Exterior view of Hewlett-Packard Headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif., Thursday, May 17, 2012.

    First the mouse. Then touch-screens.

    Now Hewlett-Packard is poised to revolutionize computing with devices activated "by a swipe of a hand," according to Reuters.

    The Bay Area-based company is the world's largest PC maker, and is partnering with a San Francisco startup called Leap Motion to make motion-sensing as mundane a part of computing as touch-screens, the news agency reported.

    Leap Motion makes tiny devices which track the individual movements of all ten fingers. They can plug into "any computer" and then apps or other software designed to interact with the motion-sensing devices can then be used to control computing.

    Simple enough.

    HP is wasting no time and will ship Leap Motion's devices with some of its new computers, Reuters reported. Future HP computers will have the $80 sensors "built-in," Reuters reported.

    The devices go on sale May 13. Leap Motion reports 50,000 app developers busy making software for use by computer users who own the motion-sensing devices.

    Hewlett Packard is reportedly desperate to do something to revive its flagging fortunes: its sales are down 24 percent, as PC sales overall dipped 14 percent, its biggest-ever recorded decline.