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Mountain View Police Dog, Zeus, Sniffs Out Marijuana



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    Mountain View police
    Zeus, Mountain View's police dog, sits in front of marijuana that he sniffed out on Oct. 8, 2013.

    This adorable little lab is Silicon Valley's latest tool in the war on drugs.

    Zeus, the narcotics-sniffing Mountain View police dog, helped a team of South Bay officers find 100 pounds of marijuana  on Tuesday that were packaged up and ready to ship out of state at a home in Santa Clara County.

    During the warrant search at an undisclosed address, Mountain View police said the K-9 also helped recover $75,000 for the Santa Clara County Specialized Enforcement Team. Citing an ongoing investigation, Mountain View police did not elaborate more on the specifics of the find.

    Since joining the narcotics task force in June 2012, police said Zeus and his partner have located about 912 grams of methamphetamine, 2,300 grams of marijuana, 210 grams of heroin, 200 Ecstacy pills and 150 grams of cocaine.

    In August, Zeus sniffed out two pounds of meth, cash and a handgun in San Jose.

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