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Muni Donates Money From Controversial Pro-Israel "Jihad" "Savages" Ad

The $3,800 Muni received from a controversial ad is donated.



    Muni Donates Money From Controversial Pro-Israel "Jihad" "Savages" Ad
    NBC New York

    To deflect controversy from a racially and religiously-charged ad on city buses, go to the donation jar.

    The San Francisco Municipal Railway gave the $3,800 gleaned from a controversial pro-Israel advertisement to the city's Human Rights Commission -- which then praised the move, according to reports.

    Last week, headlines were made by an ad that calls opponents of Israel "savages," and calls for people to fight "Jihad."

    The ads have sparked outrage in San Francisco -- and in New York, where the advertiser won a court case after officials tried to block the ads.

    So San Francisco transit officials didn't bother to try to fight the ads, despite registering their displeasure with the content, according to SF Weekly.

    The donation was praised by the HRC.

    "A number of "watchdog organizations" that monitor community relations in San Francisco have called the ad's language inflammatory and clearly an example of hate and intolerance,"the SF Human Rights Commission said. The group "is condemning the offensive ads and notes that this type of messaging has no place in a City known for its long term history of tolerance, acceptance and inclusion."