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Muni Missing Performance Marks



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    Tamara Cameron
    That won't help the on-time records, either.

    Muni's not doing well. It says so itself. And in fact, the transit agency says it's getting worse.

    The San Francisco Municipal Railway is missing its own on-time performance benchmarks, according to a report in the SF Public Press. The agency is voter-mandated to be on-time at least 85 percent of the time, and even the best bus and rail lines are way behind that.

    Muni vehicles hit their stops on schedule 72.9 percent of the time during June, July and August, according to the Public Press report published in The Bay Citizen. During the three-month period prior to that, Muni was on-time 74.9 percent of the time, according to the report. San Francisco voters in 1999 mandated Muni be on time 85 percent of the time, a benchmark far, far away from reality, according to the numbers.

    A bus or train is considered on time if it is not more than one minute early or up to four minutes late.

    By the numbers, the worst-performing Muni light-rail line is the K-Ingleside. Folks heading to SF State or to the Ocean Avenue corridor enjoyed a 57.9 percent on-time performance. The worst-performing Muni bus was the 28L-19th Avenue, at 42.3 percent. Some of the best-performing buses surveyed include the 14-Mission Express (88.9 percent) and the 88-BART Shuttle (100 percent).