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Murder-Suicide Victim Cancer Free: Autopsy

Young man who died beloved by many in the South Bay.



    Murder-Suicide Victim Cancer Free: Autopsy
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    The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department released new and disturbing details about a murder suicide case near Los Gatos.

    According to investigators, prominent South Bay real estate developer Imad "Ed" Daou is believed to have shot and killed his 22-year old son Andrew on July 29.  The reason was believed to be that the father was upset about the son's cancer diagnosis

    There bodies were found by worried relatives inside their Clara Street ranch in unincorporated Santa Clara County last Wednesday.

    A week later, investigators said that Andrew's autopsy showed that he wasn't sick. He was cancer free when he died, according to the coroner's report.

    Ed Daou was an official with Civitaf Corp., which had just begun several development projects in the South Bay.

    Andrew Daou was a straight-A student and a basketball standout at Valley Christian High School in San Jose. He walked onto the basketball team at the University of San Diego before he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma during his freshman season. There were reports that he underwent a successful round of chemotherapy, but the cancer had returned.

    The autopsy proves that theory false.  The Mercury News reported Andrew was spending time with his father to help him work through a break up with his mother.

    Investigators also noted in the official release that when Imad Daou purchased a handgun in March 2010 he told people at the time he would use it to kill his son if he was unable to beat the cancer because he didn't want him to suffer like some other family members had.  

    Investigators also noted in their report that Imad's wife had filed for divorce and was issued a restraining order for herself and her daughter two weeks before the shooting.

    Detectives said they found both men in their perspective bedrooms with single gun shot wounds to their heads.

    The report ends with this: "Further, we are still unclear as to why Imad committed this heinous act since the autopsy showed his son as being cancer free."