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"My Drunk Kitchen," Hollywood Gold, Is Bay Area-Bred

Internet comedy success "My Drunk Kitchen" is going Hollywood. Thanks to the Bay Area.



    "My Drunk Kitchen," Hollywood Gold, Is Bay Area-Bred
    Where any good meal -- and episode of "My Drunk Kitchen" -- should begin.

    Drink. Cook. Film. Then, Hollywood.

    The creative mastermind behind the series of Internet shorts entitled "My Drunk Kitchen" -- in which 25-year old Hannah Hart imbibes and then applies heat to food, crafting a meal with varying levels of success -- is heading to Hollywood. And Hart has deep Bay Area roots.

    She's a Burlingame native and graduate of Burlingame High and UC Berkeley, and the idea of alcohol-fueled cooking sessions recorded on video and posted online was born in a San Francisco apartment, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    Hart sent the videos from her Brooklyn apartment to a friend across the country, for whom she used to prepare late-night grilled cheese sandwiches, according to the newspaper.

    That melted golden goodness was the first grease spot that's sending Hart sliding down to Hollywood. She has an agent, and she's writing a sitcom pilot and wrapping up the second and final season of "My Drunk Kitchen," which she'll do in Los Angeles.

    Not bad for an idea that began with a few sips ten months ago.