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Napa DA Hints Raiders Coach's Mug May Be Shot Soon

Voicemail leads to speculation charges will come Monday



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    Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable would normally spend a Monday reviewing Sunday's game film and holding a press conference for reporters.

    But this coming Monday, Cable may have to add a warrant, some handcuffs and a mug shot to that to do list.

    ESPN's Bill Williamson reports that Napa District Attorney Gary Lieberstein left a curiously pointed outgoing message on his answering machine. Lieberstein notes that there will be no new developments regarding Tom Cable's assault allegations this week, but that anyone interested in the case should "check back again in the later afternoon next Monday, Oct. 19."

    It almost sounds like something in particular is expected to happen "in the later afternoon on Monday, October 19."

    That doesn't mean that Cable is going to lose his job Monday or that he will even be suspended by the league.  But it might mean that the D.A. will set the criminal case into motion by submitting felony charges against him in an alleged attack of one of his coaches.

    Meanwhile, MVN is reporting that Tom Cable is about to suspended and fined by the NFL for this whole mess. It should be noted that MVN is only reporting this because they say they heard somebody say it on Don Imus this morning. So take that report with the obligatory grain of salt.

    But these assault allegations are quickly turning into something much larger than a grain of salt.

     Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who is under the impression Don Imus was fired years ago.