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Ndamukong Suh Threatens to Hit Alex Smith, a Lot

Lions defensive lineman says the 49ers have to guard him or he will make the team pay



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    Ndamukong Suh says if the 49ers don't block him, he has no problem hurting Alex Smith.

    Just when San Francisco's offensive line seems back on track carrying a little swagger, here comes the ferocious Ndamukong Suh and Detroit's punishing pass rush.

    He's big. He talks a big game. He backs it up, too. And Suh isn't the only one. The Lions are loaded on their front line.

    "I'm don't think any part of my game is intimidation, fear factor," Suh said on a conference call Thursday. "It's more of, you either need to guard me or I'll continue to hit your quarterback. And if you're not going to protect me from your quarterback, then I'm going to continue to hit him."

    Ask Suh, and Alex Smith better watch out if his O-line doesn't bring its best stuff Sunday. He will hit the quarterback, and not just once. This Lions' unit is competitive, with one mantra: "meet you at the quarterback."

    The 49ers (4-1) didn't allow a sack in their 48-3 rout of Tampa Bay on Sunday, while the unbeaten Lions (5-0) had three sacks of Jay Cutler on Monday night - but that number just hints at the amount of constant pressure Cutler faced.