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Need a Roommate? Check Your Phone

Apartment List can find you one



    New Mobile App Helps Find Roommates

    A new mobile app helps match roommates based on social media profiles. Scott Budman reports. (Published Wednesday, July 17, 2013)

    We talk about it a lot. Rents are crazy in the Bay Area, especially in San Francisco. For some, the solution is to bite the bullet and pay through the nose.

    For others, the solution is to try and find someone to help you pay. A roommate.

    If you fall into that second category, there's an app for you. SF startup Apartment List has an app called "Roommates" that it claims can match you up, using your social profile.

    The app connects with Facebook to match you with someone of similar values, interests, and geography. It launches Wednesday, July 17.

    Think of it as kind of a dating service, but instead of romance, the goal is to ease your finance concerns, while finding someone compatible to share your space.

    Apartment List has been successful, at a time when the red-hot housing market has beaten a path to its virtual doorstep. Now, it's going social, trying to help you save some money.

    Scott lists on Twitter: @scottbudman