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Neighbor Interrupts SJ Burglary

Man, helping out neighbor, is injured when he walks in on men robbing home



    Neighbor Interrupts San Jose Burglary (Published Friday, Feb. 8, 2013)

    "It sounded like there were people in my house throwing things around."

    What a scary sound that must have been for Carol McBride who had just come home from working out.

    She walked to the back of her home Friday afternoon on North Creek Drive in San Jose and saw her sliding glass door open.

    That prompted her to ask her neighbor John Fuller to check out what was happening inside.

    Neighbor Fights Back After Finding Robbers

    [BAY] Neighbor Fights Back After Finding Robbers
    George Kiriyama talks to the hero of the neighborhood after he literally fights back after robbers break into a home.
    (Published Friday, Feb. 8, 2013)

    "I took the key and I went inside and I heard some noise upstairs," Fuller said.

    The noise came from three burglars who had broken into McBride's home. "And these three guys come running down the stairs," Fuller said.

    "It got quiet for a second, then they come running down the stairs and they surprised me."

    The burglars were looking for a way out, but Fuller blocked the front door.

    "And they stopped for a second. Then they all come running toward me again and I hit the first guy.

    Then the second guy he pulled a gun out and swung it at me. And I ducked my head, he swung past and clipped my ear and knocked my hat off," Fuller said.

    The three crooks ran out of McBride's home. Fuller went after them, but they had disappeared. "I've had my house broken into and it just really annoys me and here are these punk kids. I figure if I tell them and you guys are not going nowheres," Fuller said.

    McBride believes her home had been cased. She says she received a strange phone call earlier in the day and on Thursday, someone knocked on her door and tried to sell her something. She thought that was suspicious too.

    McBride is just happy her neighbor was there to help. "You never know how nice people really are until you get into trouble and how neighbors come to your side to comfort you or aid you," McBride said.

    Fuller says he's a former boxer and wasn't going to back down. "I just like to be a good neighbor. I'm glad she didn't go in there," Fuller said.