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Neighbors Wary of SOMA Bowling Alley



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    The beleaguered SOMA neighborhood in San Francisco is finally getting a bowling alley to call their own ... maybe. A few spoilsport neighbors have raised some red flags that could derail the project.

    The complaints mainly concern the influx of people and noise. The alley plans to remain open until 2 a.m., and will serve alcohol.

    Some residents of the nearby Beacon Condo Building are firmly opposed to the plan, and intend to file formal complaints. Their goal, according to Live SOMA, is to restrict alcohol sales to before-midnight, and to limit drinking on the patio.

    But that would mean an end to the project. It would cost about $6 million to build the facility, and with booze curtailed it wouldn't be possible for the developer to recoup his expenses.

    Also, there is a gigantic baseball stadium right across the street that has been known to draw somewhat of a crowd.