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Netflix Competitors Grow Bolder

Amazon and others announce deals with networks to ramp up streaming service competition.



    Netflix Competitors Grow Bolder
    Several companies are trying to take a bite out of Netflix's market share.

    Netflix is finally getting some company  up top.

    As the Los Gatos-based streaming entertainment service still struggles to recover from its recent rash of bad press and its stock plunge, its competitors have become embolden.

    Amazon announced Monday that is has inked a deal to stream content from the Walt Disney-owned ABC network.

    Netflix has a similar deal with ABC but the move marks another notch in Amazon's belt as it tries to ramp up its Prime Instant service to challenge its rival.

    Amazon now has deals with CBS, Fox, Warner Bros., Sony and NBCUniversal.

    But the streaming services are not just after previously viewed content but they are also targeting original programming.

    Netflix has long been producing its own content and has been placing a great emphasis on it in recent months and on Monday YouTube announced that it was going to add 100 channels of original programming in the coming year.