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Netflix Tweets That It Won't Develop BlackBerry App

Company doesn't explain why it won't support RIM products.



    Netflix Tweets That It Won't Develop BlackBerry App
    Netflix says it has no plans to support BlackBerry.

    The saga of RIM and its epic spiral down into the pits of irrelevancy continue to worsen as Netflix announces it has no plans to bring its services to BlackBerry smartphones or the newly updated PlayBook. It really sucks to be RIM right now.

    2011 was a tough year for RIM. After losing major ground to iOS and Android, failing to properly communicate or incite interest for both the PlayBook and its upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS and faced with outages across the globe, RIM's outlook doesn't seem to look any better.

    In a tweet with a customer that tweeted "@netflixhelps @netflix @netflix_CA where is my #playbook app? You've had enough time and no more excuses! Thanks!" Netflix's response was "We don't have any current plans to support Blackberry devices, incluing [sic] Playbook."

    It doesn't get more direct than that. Netflix didn't elaborate on why its not releasing a Netflix app for BlackBerry products. As Reuters points out, it's still possible that Netflix could port its Android app over to the PlayBook, now that OS 2.0 allows Android apps to run on it.

    Why Netflix is giving the BlackBerry platform the cold shoulder is unknown. Heck, even the Nintendo 3DS and newly minted PS Vita have Netflix apps. It's understandable if Netflix isn't available on BB smartphones, but the PlayBook is a fantastic tablet for watching movies. The twitter user is right, Netflix had 20 months to make an app for BlackBerry's 70 million users.

    Is BlackBerry that unimportant now? If so, oh, how the once mighty has fallen.

    Via Reuters

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