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New Art at SFO



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    Old Terminal 2 at the San Francisco International airport has been dormant for years, but is getting a facelift, including giant glass art on its outside walls.

    Artist Norie Sato was approached by the airport and the San Francisco Arts Commission to create Over Under - artwork that covers two 16' x 150' sections of the building's facade, depicting the dual experience of being under or over clouds when flying in a plane.

    Sato explained one side shows the man-made experience of flight, with a plane's tail wing, while the other is nature's, depicting a bird in flight.

    The artwork consists of 250 laminated glass panels comprised of one layer of glass with hand-painted enamels and another layer that includes a silkscreened pixilated image in white.

    This is Sato's largest work of outside art. She also has pieces in the Miami Airport and the Dallas Convention Center.

    Terminal 2 is scheduled to reopen in April and will house the new  American Airlines and Virgin America terminals.