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New Castro Supervisor is Gigantic, Polite



    New Castro Supervisor is Gigantic, Polite
    Scott Weiner.

    The first thing that you notice when you see District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener is that he's towering over you like a giant. At nearly seven feet tall, City Hall may need to install taller doors to accommodate the new Castro/Noe Valley leader.

    Wiener's been planning his Board of Supervisors campaign for eight years, and it paid off this November with a resounding win in a race crowded with worthy candidates. But his political ambitious date back even further, and he cites a childhood interest in political issues as his foundation.

    When he was young, he led debates on the anti-establishment clause and recalls sorrow over the election of Ronald Regan. He later won a Fulbright, studied at Harvard, worked as a lawyer and as a city attorney.

    Known to be hardworking and diligent, Wiener launched an exhaustive door-knocking campaign to win the race. That's left little time for a personal life -- as he told the Chronicle in a recent interview, he's still single.

    Over the years, he's formed some powerful alliances in San Francisco. Wiener co-chaired the board of the LGBT Center and worked with several other legal organizations.

    Wiener's top priorities as he assumes his new role will be improving transportation. Muni continues to struggle to earn San Franciscans' trust, and it's notoriously impossible to hail a cab in this town. The new supervisor hopes to tackle both those issues, along with tax reform and infrastructural improvements. He'll be in a position to closely monitor controversial issues like the construction of a parklet in Noe Valley that drew furious protest earlier this year.