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Having Trouble Managing All Your Passwords? Help is on the Way

Entrepreneur Steve Kirsch unveils OneID: your solution to password and user ID overload.



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    It seems we manage our lives with online accounts for just about everything - from shopping to finances, even storing your favorite recipes and of course, social networking.

    But when it comes to managing the passwords for all those accounts - that may be a bit overwhelming.  Someone should just create a way to cut the password overload.

    Well, starting today - someone has.  But it isn't just anyone - it's serial entrepreneur Steve Kirsch.  He's the guy who sold search pioneer Infoseek to Disney for $2 billion in 1999, and then took part in the legal crusade against junk faxes.

    Today, he unveils his latest startup, OneID.  The San Jose company's aim is to help you manage your user IDs and passwords.

    Kirsch has been working on the project for eight months - building a network of about 1,000 websites that will allow users to access their information through a single account.  OneID isn't yet open to individuals. Instead, today's release is for developers. 

    Kirsch's company employees 15 people right now.  

    He said he's been thinking about a way to keep track of passwords and user IDs for more than 10 years.