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New Computers Coming Pre-Loaded With Viruses, Malware

Viruses, malware exist on computers still-shrink-wrapped from factory.



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    The new computers come with an old problem, pre-loaded: viruses, malware, and other methods for hackers to steal your bank account and other information. 

    Microsoft has begun cracking down on the sick brand-new computers, according to reports. A target for enforcement is China, where many computers come with counterfeit software pre-loaded on otherwise pristine new machines -- and where many attacks are based at, according to reports.
    The Chinese businessman who owns that Web portal says that he's not connected to any nefarious schemes. But that's where the Nitol bug is based, reports say.
    Microsoft won a court order to steer users away from, which is the hub of the Nitol bug, to another site that will inform them that their machine is infected.
    In the meantime, what can consumers do to ensure their brand-new computer isn't sick? Hope Microsoft wins the war.