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Insurance Covers Concussion Tests for Young Athletes

Wells Fargo Offers Concussion Tests for Children and Teens



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    Wells Fargo Student Insurance is offering a first-in-the-nation: coverage that provides for "concussion testing" and other medical care for high school athletes.

    The Sacramento Bee reports the package was created because of new research on brain injuries to young athletes. And up until now, the level of medical care offered in the package has only been available to pros.

    Club teams and youth leagues for any age can purchase the plan.  The insurance covers costs of treatment over and above what the child's personal health insurance will pay for.  The plan costs $350 for a team of up to 117 players, plus about $2 for each student's baseline test.

    Wells Fargo is working with Sacramento's four biggest medical providers to provide the coverage.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says each year, more than 170,000 children and teens are treated for sports-related traumatic brain injuries in U.S. emergency rooms.