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New, Slower Driving Rules Near SF Schools

Speed limits near 180 San Francisco school zones are lowered to 15 mph.



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    Hold on -- that's too fast! The speed limit in San Francisco school zones is now 15 mph.

    Motorists: Slow down near San Francisco schools. No -- even slower.

    The speed limit near 181 schools in San Francisco is now 15 mph, according to the San Francisco Examiner, after a sweeping overhaul -- or sweeping slowdown, if you will -- of driving rules near schools begun a few years ago nears completion.

    Local jurisdictions have had since 2008 the power to institute 15 mph zones near schools. Doing so in San Francisco will "help kids walk to school safely," Walk San Francisco executive director Elizabeth Stampe told the newspaper. Plus, she added, this will make walking easier for everyone. "This is a big step forward for everyone who walks in San Francisco."

    Former Mayor Gavin Newsom got the ball rolling towards slower speed limits in 2010, intended to reduce pedestrian injuries by 50 percent by 2021.

    So slow down. It's the law -- even more so than before.