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New Tape Surfaces in SFPD Misconduct Allegations



    New Tape Surfaces in SFPD Misconduct Allegations
    Several cops on leave

    A forth video tape is supposed to be released Monday in connection with an alleged case of misconduct in the San Francisco police department.

    A private attorney says he will release the surveillance video in order to exonerate his client who was arrested at the Henry Hotel in early December.

    Three other similar tapes were released last week.

    San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi started the claim when he released the first two videos which Adachi claims proves San Francisco officers violated suspects' constitutional rights during busts at a South of Market residential hotel around Christmastime. 

    Adachi is on the list of speakers at Monday's 12:15 p.m. news conference with private attorney Scott Sugarman.

    So far a total of six officers are accused of the misconduct.
    San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon, who was police chief at the time of the incidents, said at a news conference last Wednesday that the videos "give us great cause for concern."
    Given Gascon's ties to the Police Department, Adachi has called for an outside agency like the state attorney general's office to investigate  the case, but Gascon said he saw "absolutely no reason why I should recuse  myself" from the case.

    The FBI has stepped into the case and say they have the cooperation of the SFPD.