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New York Flag Won't Fly in the Castro After All



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    A rainbow color flag flies in San Francisco's Castro district. Photo: Jamie Heybeich on Flickr

    When San Francisco's Castro district holds a demonstration this week to honor New York's decision to allow gay marriage, the Empire State's flag won't be flying over the district.

    But the decision not to fly the flags is not a political one. In fact Merchants of Upper Market/Castro unanimously approved a request to fly a flag sent by openly gay state Senator Tom Duane.

    The problem is no one checked to see if the flag would fit properly on the flagpole in the Castro, which it doesn't.

    The group checked the flagpole on Tuesday and reportedly discovered that it doesn't have enough grommets to fly the flag.

    LGBT activist Michael Petrelis, who was organizing the Saturday rally, wrote on his blog that he will no longer carry out the action because of the flag mishap combined with other hurdles that he has had to deal with.