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Newborn Found on Welcome Mat

A welcome mat proved very welcoming for a newborn fawn.



    A newborn fawn decides to take a rest in Pacific Grove. (Published Wednesday, April 25, 2012)

    A Monterey County family found a newborn left on their doorstep this morning, but this little one wasn't in swaddling clothes. Instead it was "buck" naked - as in a baby fawn.

    James Chang said he found the newborn on the welcome mat of his parent's home in Pacific Grove.

    He told our sister station in Salinas KSBW  that he initially thought it was injured so he called 911. The dispatcher told him the animal was likely just taking a rest, which ended up being the case.

    Chang got out his camera and got some video of the scene, which included the fawn's mother chomping on some grass across the street.  There was also a very curious cat in the wilderness scene. The kitty, like the humans, stayed clear and let nature take its course.

    After a little while the newborn fawn was able to gather the energy to stand up and wobble its way toward its mom.

    The two strolled off after about an hour.