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Newsflash: People Love Working at Tech Companies

Google, NetApp, Cisco among the best companies to work for.



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    People ride their company-provided bikes past Google Inc. headquarters in Mountain View, which just happens to be one of the many perks provided by one of the best companies to work for.

    They're fun, they pay well, and they're hiring.

    They are, according to Fortune Magazine, the world's best places to work.  And the list is sick with technology companies. 

    Not surprising, if you think about what people are looking for in a job:  optimism, productivity and growth.  Tech's got all that these days, and Silicon Valley companies are especially well represented.

    NetApp and Google roll in at No. 3 and No. 4 -- each has rewarded employees with tons of perks, good salaries, strong stock performance, and, not surprisingly, each has grown and hired a lot recently. In fact, software companies, Microsoft of Seattle and SAS of Cary, North Carolina, top the Fortune list for many of the same reasons.

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    Other companies of note on the list include DreamWorks Animation (No. 10), Cisco Systems (No. 20), Genentech (No. 35). Intuit, Intel and Salesforce are also recognized.

    Having covered these companies (and this story) before, one thing sticks out even more than perks, money, stock, etc:  The ability to get your voice heard. Lots of companies are full of workers who feel like what they do will never get noticed. Walk into NetApp, though - Sunnyvale or Bangalore - and you'll see executives not just leading, but listening. And employees love that.

    Oh, and did I mention -- they're hiring?

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