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Newspaper Predicts City Nightclub Violence

Two shot in North Beach nightclub



    Newspaper Predicts City Nightclub Violence
    A look inside the Impala nightclub in San Francisco during calmer times.

    San Francisco, you know you have a problem when a weekly newspaper can predict where the next nightclub shooting is going to take place. Crime is not suppose to be so predictable that dinosaur media can tell the story before it happens. But that's exactly what happened. 

    Two men were shot in the leg inside the North Beach nightclub Impala at 1:15 a.m. Friday morning. The City's Italian village has long had a history of problems after the sun goes down, but SF Weekly highlighted Impala in a story about the failures of the San Francisco Entertainment Commission to properly regulate violent nightclubs just last week. The commission is solely responsible for issuing and suspending nightclubs' permits in the City.

    For years residents, dancers and business owners have complained that the Entertainment Commission cannot properly do its job because of the intimate relationship some commissioners have with the people they regulate and their influence with city officials, including Mayor Gavin Newsom.

    The paper reported that "five of the seven commissioners have direct financial ties" to the entertainment and nightlife industry in the City, and one of the commissioners is a part owner of one of the San Francisco's most infamous violent strip clubs, "where another shooting occurred less than two weeks ago."

    "This should come as no surprise since I stated numerous times that this would happen," Sam Young, the owner of DragonBar, a venue down the street from Impala, wrote in an e-mail to city officials obtained by the paper. "As usual, City Hall does absolutely nothing and now there is another shooting, which could have and should have been prevented."

    Young represents a growing group who want nightlife permitting handed over to the police department.