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Nextdoor Has A New App For Your 'Hood

Get mobile in your neighborhood



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    It's got an app, too.

    The social world has been fiercely mobile for some time now - what with Facebook all but blaming its lower than expected stock price on its slower than expected mobile ad sales. Fact is, mobile has caught on because it's convenient: Whatever we used to do on our desktops or laptops, we now want to do on our phones.

    Nextdoor knows this. The neighborhood-based social network has been growing quickly, with lots of neighborhoods signing up to get social. It's a good idea that makes sense: communicate more efficiently with those in your area about everything from garage sales to crime, thanks to easy to use software.

    Like just about everything else, this, too, is more convenient when mobile. Nextdoor gets it, and just launched a mobile app of its own. Available on your iPhone, the Nextdoor app has already been downloaded frequently after launching thursday. If you think about it, it makes sense: See a cool garage sale, or a need for a new speed bump? Why wait until you get home to tell your neighbors - now you can do it right away, by pulling out your phone, where the app is a touch away.

    We've spoken to David Sze of Greylock Partners about both Nextdoor, and another social network he helped fund, Facebook. Lately, he's been crowing about Nextdoor, and its growth potential. He's got a point. Neighborhood by neighborhood, people love to stay in touch.

    Now they can do it, with the touch of an app.

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