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No Evidence Found Linking Garridos to Unsolved Murders

4-day search yields no clues



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    Garrido was suspected of connections to murders of several prostitutes.

    An extensive search of the house of suspected kidnappers Phillip and Nancy Garrido does not appear to have yielded any evidence to connect the couple to several unsolved murders in Pittsburg in the late 1990s, Pittsburg police Lt. Brian Addington said Tuesday.

    Several items, including a bone fragment that may or may not be human, will require further forensic examination before they can be completely discounted, Addington said.

    Pittsburg police, along with Antioch police, the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office and the FBI, searched the Garridos' house and an adjacent property on Walnut Avenue in unncorporated Contra Costa County just outside of Antioch for four days.

    They tore down trees, dug up the ground and brought in cadaver dogs to help sniff out possible murder victims. Among other things, they were looking for evidence that could connect the couple to the unsolved murders of Lisa Norrell, 15, Jessica Frederick, 24, and Rachel Cruise, 32, Addington said.

    Antioch police and the sheriff's office were also looking for evidence that would connect the Garridos to crimes in their jurisdictions.

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